Can I Avoid Mastectomy?

Women with cancer affecting large portion of the breast or multiple cancerous lumps in the breast, it is not safely feasible to remove cancer without removing breast. However barring these two situations mastectomy can be avoided with various oncoplastic surgical techniques, these include local breast tissue flaps and chest wall flaps. These are called therapeutic mammoplasty techniques. For a surgeon to be able to offer these options, he/she need to have training in both breast cancer surgery and plastic surgery techniques collectively known as oncoplastic surgery. I had my oncoplastic surgery training at Royal Marsden Cancer centre, London and I offer all these techniques.

These techniques are Reduction mammoplasty, Central Round Block technique, Grissotti flap, Local Parenchymal rearrangement techniques and chest wall flaps (Crescent dermoglandular flap, LICAP flap, ICAP, MCAP etc.). I use all these techniques routinely in my practice.

Reduction Mammoplasty: this is a breast reduction/lift technique where large cancer can be removed from large & pendulous breasts with added advantage of breast lift and breasts are made relatively smaller. One would need similar lift to the other side to match up either at the same time or at a later date. Other flap techniques mentioned above are used for small non ptotic breasts to fill the defect after removing chunk of breast tissue to get rid of cancer. The chest wall flaps are relatively minor surgeries to get extra tissue from the chest wall outside of the breast brought into the breast to minimise the defect.

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