image of breast being marked for reconstructive surgery

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery enhances body confidence and self-esteem for those unhappy with their appearance by enhancing, reducing or lifting the breast.

Mr Kasana advises you and guides you through the process. He is exclusively committed to breast surgery and spends all his time doing cosmetic breast surgery, breast reconstructive surgery and breast cancer surgery. This makes him amongst the best in this field of art.

We provide a free, no obligatory quote. We use implants of Allergan Company which are market leaders and FDA approved. These come with life time warranty.

Our prices are so competitive and affordable that you no longer need to go overseas to get boob job or lift done.



Breast Augmentation: £3980 (all inclusive, no hidden charges) 

Breast Reduction (lift): £5620 (all inclusive, no hidden charges) 

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