Delayed Reconstruction

The benefits of delayed reconstruction are:

  • There is less for you to deal with at a time of stress of cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Your cancer treatment can proceed without delay
  • The initial operation is small leading to shorter recovery period
  • There is time to consider whether reconstruction is right for you
  • Immediate reconstruction may not be recommended or possible at times due to extensive disease, skin involvement or the need for further treatments such as radiotherapy.

Delayed reconstruction with implant is difficult and sometimes not feasible especially if you had radiotherapy. So if you want implant only reconstruction you should not miss opportunity to have immediate reconstruction. If you did not have radiotherapy it is possible to build up breast gradually with expandable implants but it takes long time and results are usually not as good as immediate reconstruction.

So options of delayed reconstruction are with your own tissue only that is flap from your back (Latissimus Dorsi or LD flap) or flap from your abdomen (DIEP flap) explained above. You may not be suitable for one or either of the two. Therefore it should be discussed with your surgeon if you decide not to have immediate reconstruction.
If you are not suitable for these two then free flaps from other areas of body such as gluteal region and inner thigh are used. These are less commonly used and involve bigger operation and longer recovery.


What about not Having any Reconstruction?

You may choose not to have your breast reconstructed at all. Many women feel radically changed by their cancer experience, and some feel that a flat chest is constant reminder of cancer to them. Others are very satisfied choosing to wear a prosthetic breast in their bra rather than have to undergo more surgery, although some women find it restricts their choice of clothing. Talking to other women who have undergone treatment can often help you decide whether or not breast reconstruction is the right option for you.

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