fine tuning breast surgery

Fine Tuning

If you choose to have a breast reconstruction it is normal to need a further adjustment procedure at some point after the initial operation. The aim of such adjustments is to further improve the size and shape match of the breasts. These are usually more minor operations than the first one. Various adjustments are carried out and these include: exchanging a breast implant to improve the shape or size match; reducing or reshaping your opposite breast to match the reconstructed breast and adding fat to your reconstructed breast using fat graft or lipo-modelling.

Lipo-modelling is a relatively new technique where fat is removed by liposuction, refined and then transferred (injected) into another area with a special grafting tube (“cannula”) to add volume and thus increase size and improve shape and profile. It has proved particularly useful as an adjunct to breast reconstruction. Fat is taken from an area where there is plenty, such as the hips or tummy.  It can then be used either to increase the size of a previous reconstruction or correct a contour dip on the breast or chest. It is a relatively non-invasive procedure and can be done on its own or at the same time as other adjustments. Lipo-modelling may need to be repeated if the first treatment does not fully correct the problem.

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