Inverted Nipples

How Will it Impact on your Life?

Many of our patients are extremely embarrassed about their nipple inversion and are reluctant to show or even discuss the condition with friends or family. Naturally this level of embarrassment can cause some very negative issues within intimate relationships, but also with other situations such as undressing in public changing rooms or wearing tight-fitting items of clothing. Patients often find following surgery they are much more confident and happier with the appearance of their breasts and no longer have to be concerned about disguising their nipples. Inverted nipples are common concern for many women and rarely men. We specialise in a simple procedure to correct inverted nipples, performed under local anesthetic and taking only 15-20 minutes.


Inverted Nipple Treatment

Non-surgical options are rarely successful for permanently inverted nipple, therefore surgery will be the only way to reverse the problem.


The Inverted Nipple Correction Procedure

As a minor procedure, inverted nipple surgery is routinely performed under local anesthetic – unless you request otherwise. Surgery involves making an incision around the nipple and dividing or separating the ducts and then allowing the nipple to sit naturally. Soluble internal stitches are used at the base of the nipple to hold it in position whilst it is healing.

It is a very common procedure with very little risks associated with it and the majority of cases work successfully. Recovery after inverted nipple correction surgery usually involves only mild discomfort and the majority of our patients return to work within 1-2 days. The procedure is very straight-forward. One potential side effect that you need to be aware of is that you would not be able to breastfeed following this procedure. This is something you’ll need to consider carefully if you are planning to have a family following surgery and would like to breastfeed.

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