What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation (also known as breast enlargement, breast enhancement or boob job) surgery is mainly done with silicone breast implants. However in suitable women it can be done by Lipo-modelling (fat transfer/fat grafting, which involves liposuction of fat from thigh or tummy and injecting into the breast).


Breast Enlargement with Implants

Breast enlargement with implants involves inserting a breast implant, under the breast gland either in front of or behind the pectoralis muscle. In order to insert the prosthesis, a small concealed (two-inch) incision is made underneath the breast in the crease.

Breast implants come in two shapes: round and tear drop but many different sizes. There are many manufacturers of the implants in the market but we use the implants of the most reputed and FDA approved company known as Allergan which is market leader as well. These implants come with life time warranty by the manufacturers. We choose the most suitable one for you based on your needs and chest wall measurements. The implants are then ordered for each case. This ensures you always get what you want to achieve.


Breast Enlargement Risks and Recovery

Following breast enlargement you can go home same day but I prefer overnight stay especially if operation done later in the day. After surgery there will be some soreness for few days, but that is controlled with analgesic pills. You can drive after few days but you have to wait at least six weeks before you can do strenuous activities. The risks involved in breast augmentation are rare, but include haematoma, infection, scarring, shifting of the implant, asymmetry between the two breasts, or an increase or decrease of feeling in the nipple or breast which may affect sexual response. It does not affect the ability to nurse a baby.

Complications are infrequent and usually minor. However no surgery is without risk and you should be aware of any possible problems.

  • Scars are hidden underneath the breast. Bleeding leading to haematoma can happen but is very rare. Rarely one need to be taken back to theatre to remove any blood accumulated around implant. Wound or implant infection is rare but established infection would need implant to be removed to allow this to settle. The implant will be replaced once the infection has settled. We take best possible precautions to avoid infection. Malposition of the implant especially teardrop shaped implants is possible.
  • Altered sensation in the nipple and breast skin can happen but is unlikely complication.
  • Implant wrinkling can be a problem in very slim patients or those who have very little breast tissue. To avoid this is slim women implants are placed underneath the muscles.
  • Any existing asymmetry of the two breasts can be accentuated after augmentation.
  • Implant rupture can happen with or without trauma. It is rare and Allergan Implants come with life time guarantee for rupture. If rupture happens it does not pose any immediate threat to your health but would need replacing.
  • Capsular contracture is the commonest reason for change of implant. Tissue around the implant becomes firm scar making breast feel like firm to hard rather than normal soft consistency.
  • Recently Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) has been reported with breast implants. It happens in the scar tissue around the implant. Risk is extremely low about 1: 500,000.
  • Finally, following any surgical procedure it is possible to develop a blood clot in your legs, which could potentially break off and move to your lungs (DVT/PE). Again the risk is extremely rare for young fit patients.


Surgical technique: through a small incision underneath the breast the implants are placed in front of, or behind the chest muscles depending upon the thickness of gland tissue available to cover the implants.


Can the Breast Enhancement Be Done for All Types of Breasts e.g. Saggy Boobs?

Breast implants can be done for all types but implants alone cannot lift low or significantly sagging (ptotic) breasts. If there is too much sagging, a breast lift (mastopexy) may be required at the same time or a later date.


Is There Another Way to Enlarge Breasts?

Transfer of fat (lipo-filling/fat grafting) from thighs or abdomen can be done through minimally invasive technique to augment breasts. It involves liposuction with a thick needle and injecting into the breasts. There is no scar involved but procedure may need repeating to achieve the size desired.

Recovery time: You are likely to go home same day or at the most stay in hospital for one night. You are likely to need light pain killers for few days. We advise support bra which is soft, elastic & front fastening. You will be fine for light activities from day one. Household works and looking after your self can be done from the very next day. You could return to work after a week but for manual heavy duty workers it can be few weeks. Average time to return to work is 1 to 2 weeks.

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